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2024 Candidate Election

Per our bylaws, the Secretary shall perform the following duties:

  1. Be responsible for the minutes of the Board of Directors meeting and the minutes of the annual meeting
  2. In the event the Secretary is unavailable, the Board Chair (or presiding officer) shall appoint a person to act as Secretary at each meeting
  3. Update the membership record annually
  4. Maintain a record of Committee members and dates of service
  5. Prepare dues notices and notifications of special meetings and elections

2024 Candidate(s) for Secretary:

oakley christopher 2024

Christopher Oakley, MD

I joined the Southern Headache Society (SHS) for the first time in 2017 and became a board member in 2019 as a future conference organizer.  Over the last 5 years, as both a board member and active society member, I have truly enjoyed working with the group and helping the society grow and persevere through…

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