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September 11-13, 2020

Annual Meeting

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Join our forum open to healthcare professionals dedicated to treating headache.

Our Mission

The mission of the Southern Headache Society is to improve the quality of life of patients with headaches and facial pain by promoting education to professionals. As a regional organization, we seek to facilitate communication among professionals in the South interested in headache, as well as to promote awareness of regional expertise.

Diversity Statement

The Southern Headache Society is an organization whose membership and leadership are open to all people interested in promoting the mission of improving the lives of patients with headache disease. We welcome your feedback on this topic.

Adams, David P., MD
Ailani, Jessica, MD
Allen, Vivian, APRN-BC
Androulakis, Michelle, MD
Antonia B. Ahern, MD
Applegate, Michael, MD
Baker, John, MD
Blake, Pamela, MD
Burstein, Rami, PhD
Cardenas, Jose, MD
Chumley, Warren, MD
Cook, David H., MD
Dees, Brett R., MD
Dhand, Upinder, MD
Donnelly, Megan T., DO
Dougherty, Carrie, MD
Duvall, Jaclyn, MD
Finkel, Alan G., MD
Fowler, Ann, NP
Frank, Jeffrey H., MD
Franklin, Michael, MD
Freeman, Marshall C., MD
Gilmer, William S., MD
Gleason, Ryan, MD
Green, Kassandra, APRN
Harpold, Gary J., MD
Hartsfield, Amy, DMD
Hur, Elizabeth, PhD
Khoury, Chaouki, MD
King, Lauren E., BSN, MSN, NP, PNP
Kirby-Keyser, Linda J., MD
Knable, Ashley, APRN
Lim, Pei Feng, DDS, MS
Loftus, Brian, MD
Mohnot, Dhanpat, MD
Moll, Tracy, DO
Monteith, Teshamae, MD
Oakley, Christopher, MD
Padilla, Jennifer M., MD
Patterson, Shawnna, MD
Patterson, Shawnna, MD, PhD
Penzien, Donald Baird, PhD
Perry, Carlton J., MD
Persaud, Smitha, MD
Plato, Brian, DO
Raju, Dinesh, MD, PhD
Ready, Michael, MD
Ripple, Carol, PA-C
Robles, Edward, MD
Rogers, David
Rosanbalm, Kellie, NP
Rothrock, John
Ryals, Brian, MD
Sacco, Sara, MD
Savage-Edwards, Belinda A., MD
Scott, Glen R., Jr., DO
Strauss, Lauren Doyle, DO
Treppendahl, Christina, RN, MSN
Van Delden, Swann, MD
Vaughan, Joseph K., MD
Vidwan, Jaskiran K., DO
Vollbracht, Robert L., MD
Watson, David, MD
Wells, Rebecca, MD, MPH
Whitt, Mandy J., MD
Wohlgehagen, Christina, MD
Yount, Keith, DDS, ABOP
Yuan, Derek Y., MD

The Southern Headache Society (SHS) is a non-profit organization of health care professionals dedicated to the treatment of headache, facial pain, and related disorders.

The Southern Headache Society was formed in 2011 by a group of physicians in the South interested in promoting the practice of Headache Medicine. The SHS welcomes all professionals interested in the field of Headache Medicine, including physicians, nurse practitioners and physician assistants, dentists, psychologists, and allied health practitioners with an advanced degree.

Our active members must live in the following states: Florida, Georgia, Alabama, Mississippi, Louisiana, Texas, Oklahoma, Missouri, Tennessee, South Carolina, North Carolina, Virginia, West Virginia, Maryland, Kentucky, Arkansas or the District of Washington, DC.

Board of Directors

D. Michael Ready, MD

Member At Large

Scott & White

Temple, TX

Alan Finkel, MD

Chair 2020 Meeting

Carolina Headache Institute

Chapel Hill, NC

Brian Plato, DO

Vice President, Chair 2019 Meeting

Norton Neuroscience Institute

Louisville, KY

Brian Loftus, MD


Bellaire Neurology

Bellaire (Houston), TX

Rebecca Wells, MD, MPH


Wake Forest

Winston-Salem, NC

Morris Maizels, MD

Immediate Past President, Chair 2020 Meeting

Providence Everett Healthcare Clinic

Everett, WA

Carrie Dougherty, MD


MedStar Georgetown University

Chevy Chase, MD

Donald Penzien, PhD

Member At Large

Wake Forest

Winston-Salem, NC

Lauren Strauss, DO

Communications Director

Wake Forest

Winston-Salem, NC

Randy Evans, MD

Education Chair

General Neurology & Headache Specialist

Houston, TX

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