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Here at the Southern Headache Society, we want to inform our physician members and empower our patients who suffer from headaches, facial pain, and various disorders.

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Adams, David P., MD
Ahern, Antonia B., MD
Ailani, Jessica, MD
Allen, Vivian, APRN-BC
Androulakis, Michelle, MD
Applegate, Michael, MD
Baker, John, MD
Blake, Pamela, MD
Burstein, Rami, PhD
Cardenas, Jose, MD
Christina Cabret-Aymat, MD
Chumley, Warren, MD
Cook, David H., MD
Dees, Brett R., MD
Dhand, Upinder, MD
Diedrich, Andrea L., MD
Donnelly, Megan T., DO
Dougherty, Carrie, MD
Duvall, Jaclyn, MD
Finkel, Alan G., MD
Fowler, Ann, NP
Frank, Jeffrey H., MD
Franklin, Michael, MD
Freeman, Marshall C., MD
Gilmer, William S., MD
Gleason, Ryan, MD
Green, Kassandra, APRN
Handy, Kayla Dawn, MD
Harpold, Gary J., MD
Hartsfield, Amy, DMD
Hur, Elizabeth, PhD
Khoury, Chaouki, MD
King, Lauren E., BSN, MSN, NP, PNP
Kirby-Keyser, Linda J., MD
Knable, Ashley, APRN
Lim, Pei Feng, DDS, MS
Loftus, Brian, MD
Lucchese, Scott A., MD, FAHS
Mohnot, Dhanpat, MD
Moll, Tracy, DO
Monteith, Teshamae, MD
Oakley, Christopher, MD
Padilla, Jennifer M., MD
Patterson, Shawnna, MD
Patterson, Shawnna, MD, PhD
Penzien, Donald Baird, PhD
Perry, Carlton J., MD
Persaud, Smitha, MD
Plato, Brian, DO
Portie, Darcy, NP
Raju, Dinesh, MD, PhD
Ready, Michael, MD
Ripple, Carol, PA-C
Robles, Edward, MD
Rogers, David
Rosanbalm, Kellie, NP
Rothrock, John
Ryals, Brian, MD
Sacco, Sara, MD
Savage-Edwards, Belinda A., MD
Sbar, Evelyn, MD, FAAFP, AQH
Scott, Glen R., Jr., DO
Strauss, Lauren Doyle, DO
Struck, Peter J., MD
Treppendahl, Christina, RN, MSN
Van Delden, Swann, MD
Vaughan, Joseph K., MD
Vidwan, Jaskiran K., DO
Vollbracht, Robert L., MD
Watson, David, MD
Wells, Rebecca, MD, MPH
Whitt, Mandy J., MD
Williams, Ryan, MD
Wohlgehagen, Christina, MD
Yount, Keith, DDS, ABOP
Yuan, Derek Y., MD


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