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Member Documents

Required readying for every member of the Southern Headache Society.

Diversity Statement

The Southern Headache Society is an organization whose membership and leadership are open to all people interested in promoting the mission of improving the lives of patients with headache disease. We welcome your feedback on this topic.

Member Bylaws

To put it simply, bylaws are a set of rules and guidelines that a society must follow. These rules and guidelines set rules, duties, and obligations for our members.

SHS ListServ Code of Conduct

The SHS ListServ is an email discussion list provided by the Southern Headache Society for its members and constituents. While free and open discourse is encouraged, certain policies and rules are required to ensure that our online community remains fair, ethical, friendly, respectful and legal.  The SHS ListServ serves to foster networking, communication, and education in Headache Medicine. All posts should be relevant to the practice of Headache Medicine or the Southern Headache Society. Posts designed to increase overall happiness are also allowed and encouraged.

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